Sunday, November 27, 2005

book me (for being different)

Book Me (For Being Different) was an exhibition in Hobart at the coffee shop/ exchange book shop Bookamore. Bookamore had an exhibition program rotating monthly that featured small solo shows of Hobart artists. The bohemian atmosphere at Bookamore was the ideal setting for this body of work that featured 'snapshots' of the bohemian personalities of Hobart during the early naughties. The works were inkjet prints on A2 handmade paper. There were 5 works hung in the show that had a ten_four_technology mini book catalogue that featured a bonus image. The bonus image was Salamanca_FridayNight. Most of the images featured my obsession with low light with the exception of one that has a special quality. That was Mountain Dock that featured in an Arts Tas document of 2003.

ten_four_technology 2003

ten_four_technology 2003

ten_four_technology 2003

Fitting ten_four_technology 2003

ShoutingLantans ten_four_technology 2003

Salamanca_FridayNight en_four_technology 2003